MUSIC STYLE: Mittelalter-Rock


As soon as Florian "Specki T.D." Speckardt found his first snare drum under the Christmas tree at the age of three (born in upper Bavaria in 1979), it was clear that great things with the stick lay ahead. The pots, pans and cooking spoons of his parents' kitchen were safe with the little Specki, who liked to make his provisional rehearsal room there with the kitchen utensils.

Specki drummed in his first rock band two years later, "Wasted Dawn" . Specki's early career as a drummer could not begin in a more promising way: at six years old he was the youngest in the group; the bandmates were all in their early 20s.

The logical consequence of his many engagements with several youth bands and the JM Bigband was that by 17 years old, Specki began his studies at the "Drummer's Focus" in Munich. His career as a professional drummer was then secured by a tour of the US with none other than "Jackson Browne". Almost at the same time, the German ska legend "Skaos" discovered him and the first European tours soon followed.

Specki proved to be an excellent studio drummer for elaborate album productions. Countless freelance jobs followed. Specki played around the globe with "Power! Percussion", "DJ John Munich" and the bungee drum shows with "Jochen Schweizer". Specki delivered solid drum work as a ghost drummer in the studio for many successful artists and bands.

Specki had his first chart success with the Dresden art rock group "The Last Instance", which he joined in 2002. With his exciting move to "In Extremo" from Berlin in 2010, he finally came to middle age rock: Together with the Last Unicorn (Michael Rhein), dr. med. Pymonte and Co., Specki celebrated two number 1 chart successes with the albums "Star Iron" and "Quid Pro Quo".

At the beginning of 2018, Specki 'T.D' Speckardt changed his 16 year-long drumhead endorsement to join the most renowned and largest head manufacturer, REMO, from California.